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Sailor Venus Necklace - Gold Plated

  • $24.50

Minako Aino transforms into Sailor Venus. This pendant was created with UV resin and a gold plated pendant, and matching gold plated chain. This pendant is accented by a turquoise bead at the end of the chain extender.

This necklace measures 14-18 inches in total length and finishes with a lobster clasp closure. At its shortest length it measures 14 inches, longest is 18 inches. I've started adding 4 inch chain extenders to the back of my necklaces to ensure a good fit for everyone.

You will receive the necklace pictured. Please note the resin and colors used in this pendant is done by myself, meaning it will have some imperfections in the resin like air pockets and bubbles. Please keep that in mind, it's not mass produced by a machine. The back is not as pretty as the front, it is meant to be one sided.Thank you!