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Angel Aura Quartz Sterling Silver Hidden Bail Necklace

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One high quality angel aura quartz cluster has been set in pure .925 sterling silver, hand made in my home studio. This was previously a ring, but I decided to remove the ring band and turn this into a necklace with a hidden bail in the back. I felt like this was a bit large for a ring, and may not be super functional to wear multiple times a week. I'm a suuuper transparent artist, I want you guys to know exactly what you're purchasing. Real talk - the back of this pendant is a bit scratched. Please check the photo - when I removed the ring band, I decided to saw it rather than heat it to remove it. Resulting in multiple scratches. However, I went ahead and listed this and discounted her because the setting itself, and the cluster is absolutely beautiful and deserves to be worn. I think, if you don't care about the way the back looks then you'll be really happy with this piece. If not, I'll take it down and I'll wear it hahaha!

Necklace measures 14-18 inches in total length, there's a 4 inch chain extender at the back so you may adjust the length to your liking. Chain is rhodium plated silver.