In the Studio/Jewelry Care

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Electroforming is an intense, time consuming and tedious chemical process that allows me to, for lack of a better word, grow copper upon any surface that I choose. This technique really works well with raw crystals and gemstones, giving them texture and keeping the earthy vibe. If you are seeking perfectly smooth lines, straight, perfect edges and symmetry, you may need to rehthink this copper jewelry! Electroforming has a very natural and bubbling texture to it, which is what makes it so special and unique. I try to use the highest quality photos to really show the texture in my pieces.


All Aura Luna sterling silver jewelry has been created with traditional metalsmithing techniques. I create with pure .925 sterling silver, solder, and a torch. Each piece is hand crafted, and my heart and soul is poured into each individual piece, down to the very last detail. I spend enough time on each piece to make sure it is absolutely perfect and ready to become a part of your jewelry collection. Sterling silver is not by any means indestructible. Please treat your jewelry with care and it can last a very long time.


Any Aura Luna copper jewelry piece will require care and maintenance. All copper begins to discolor and "oxidize". The best part about copper and all it's organic glory, is that it is easily shined back to it's original state using a simple jewelry cloth. Another way to clean any bare copper jewelry that has oxidized due to wear is to make a mixture of white vinegar and salt in a bowl, dunk your piece in for about 30 seconds to a minute, remove and rinse in cool water. Dry it thoroughly and enjoy copper's bright and shiny return! This cannot and should never be done to a jewelry piece that has been antiqued or oxidized by myself, as it will completely ruin your piece. There are other ways that can be found online, another method is using lemon juice or a lemon itself. I do not seal my bare copper pieces, they do not need sealing in my opinion, because it is so easy to shine them back up. A sealer would only make it more difficult to shine. Copper can be sealed with wax and clear lacquer (like nail polish!) It will wear off over time, but can be easily resealed. Note that some people react to copper jewelry, and it shows with a green or blue ring around their finger. This does not diminish the quality of your ring - it is a natural occurrence with copper and our skin. It washes off the skin easily, and again, you may seal your own copper band with clear lacquer or nail polish if you are amongst those who do react to copper.

All choker necklaces and any suede/leather used is 100% VEGAN and cruelty free.