COVID-19 Information

Note about shipping: USPS has posted for all customers to expect small delays on all of their estimated shipping times. Most packages are still being delivered on time but please be aware. All of my processing times (listed in FAQ) are remaining the same. 

Health, Safety & Supply Info: Aura Luna is a one person operation, I work alone out of my home studio. I take extra care and precaution to keep myself and my husband safe from exposure of COVID-19 by staying home and only leaving when it's necessary, while taking the proper precautions of wearing a mask and sanitizing hands frequently while out, and washing when I return home. I clean and sanitize my studio space on a frequent basis. The CDC has stated that there is no evidence to support the transmission through the shipment of these goods, as the virus is spread through person to person contact. Please read USPS statement on what they are doing to stay safe, here. COVID has caused a few of the supplies I regularly work with to have major delays in shipment or have ended up completely out of stock. It may take longer for certain pre-orders to go out simply because of the delay in supply restocking. Hoping you all stay safe & healthy during these uncertain times <3 xoxo Sami