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I had been wanting to start a lifestyle blog as a side project on Aura Luna for a while now, and decided today's the day. Many times we find ourselves waiting until the conditions in our lives are what we perceive as "perfect" before we take a risk, make a change, or try something new. What many of us shy away from is the truth that life is happening right now. Waiting for the perfect moment to plan a trip, waiting to start your career, waiting until you feel "ready" to have a family or start a new hobby, can lead to some serious time wasting. Life moves so fast! Sometimes I can hardly believe I'm 27 and have lived away from my home town for almost 8 years. I think many times over, when I've finally tried something new that I've thought about and mulled over for what feels like ages, I laugh and ask myself WHY haven't I been doing this all along?
As a Capricorn (proud of it!) I really need stability in life, I crave it and I want it - however, I like small changes, otherwise I feel stale and bored. I'm not really a risk taker at all, but I would say I'm a calculated "risk" taker. I over analyze every situation, try to predict the outcome based on the knowledge I have, generally to see if whatever it may be, is worth it, or whether it will (or won't) work out to perfection. This kind of behavior always puts me in a little conundrum - do it because I like the change, but only if it's still keeping me grounded. Hence the whole, "waiting-until-things-are-perfect-to-do-something" theme we have going here. Does that make any sense? Maybe I can explain (ughhh I'm so terrible at explaining things, but that's why writing is so fab because you can go back and correct yourself before you make it permanent hehe)
Lately, I've been struggling to check myself - am I making excuses or is this not possible? Most of the time I think we make excuses. "I don't have time to start a blog with everything else I have going on." Let me be real lol - I don't like starting something if I'm not going to be perfect at it, if it's not the best of the best I don't want to attempt it. That's just me, who I am - go big or go home, all or nothing. However, how will you even know if you're going to succeed if you never try? Sorry Sami, but we don't all have crystal balls to gaze into to tell us what our futures hold. But that's what makes the future both terrifying and exciting! Fear of the future holds us back from reaching our potential happiness. Excitement for the future brings us new experiences and challenges and really enriches your life. Your thoughts are so very important - how you see the world is important, and the choices you make in your life are so vital to your happiness. That's what everyone wants, right? To be happy! So today I thought, what would make me happy like right now? Starting a blog would make me happy. So here we are, babes!
I'd like to center this blog not only around, astrology, crystals, lore and the metaphysical side of crystals that I personally believe help you relate more positively in life, but also more about myself, my travels and my life experiences, where my inspiration might come from...I'd love to share how I'm feeling about Aura Luna and where I'd like to take her and what I'd like to accomplish. I'd also love to share some fun DIY projects and home decor, because I'm a really crafty person and I absolutely LOVE home decor.
Things you might want to know about me personally before I end this Intro:
My name is Samantha, but I've gone by Sami since I was a child. I was born in Western New York on December 23rd, a little winter baby! I attended Cosmetology school and am licensed in New York State, but I've since moved to Florida and it's now the place I call home. I don't really do hair anymore, just for myself. I married my high school sweetheart in 2014, his name is Ryan. We don't share the same last name, because I'm not really a traditional kind of girl and I really love my name the way it is, and he doesn't mind :) Together we have 6 beautiful...siiiike we don't have human kids lol, but we have pets who are like our children and we adore them. Piper, Oliver, Kingston, Kuzco, Binx & Kovu, in no particular order (but our rabbits are my favorite shhhh don't tell everyone else).
I'm more spiritual than religious, I'm part hispanic, my favorite colors are pastels, I drive a lime green mustang and I also stream video gaming on Twitch! :) I started creating jewelry in 2014 and it quickly went from a hobby to a serious passion which I'm still excited about 4 years later! I'm self taught, I work in copper electroforming and traditional silversmithing. I love to incorporate bead wrapping into my work, also! My favorite crystals and gemstones are all varieties of quartz, turquoise & moonstone.
I hope this little blurb gave you some courage to act on something you've been thinking of doing lately, just remember that beginnings are actually exciting, growth is so fun and life is all about your choices and your experiences - so make the most of it!

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