A Lil History of Copper & Why It's Perfect for Crystal Jewelry

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In the modern jewelry world, you'd be hard pressed to find a manufacturer or jeweler trying to sell you copper - most likely, you'll find faceted gemstones set in a more precious metal of gold or platinum. So why not follow the norm, why on Earth am I using copper? And why would you wear it? Why should you wear it?
History time! Let's go back for a moment and learn about copper - the oldest known copper pendant was found in what is now Iraq, dating over 10,000 years ago. (If you're aware, you'll know that the Sumerians were the first known civilization of humans and they lived in Mesopotamia which is in modern day Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Was it a piece of Sumerian jewelry? Maybe!)
The Egyptians also had extensive knowledge on mining copper ore and how to extract the metal. They used copper in their pottery to create cookware, tools, and of course, their exquisite jewelry. In ancient Egypt, copper was considered a very valuable item. The more copper you owned, the higher your social status. Egyptian royalty employed jewelry makers to craft beautiful crowns, headdresses, and other jewelry, and they held these jewelers in very high esteem. These people were so highly regarded that they supposedly have depicted said jewelry making through hieroglyphs on their tomb walls. Ancient Egyptians also utilized copper in their embalming and mummification process, which was a very spiritual and important part of their culture.
Metal working in Ancient Egypt
Copper jewelry was made popular by Native Americans in the Americas, specifically in the 19th century due to one of the largest copper ore deposits being in Arizona, where the Navajo reside. They are credited to have created copper jewelry as a trade item in the 1800's. As time went on, more people began traveling to the southwest and the desire for genuine Native American handmade copper jewelry soared, as much was created and sold to tourists. 
A few well known artists have dabbled with copper as their medium, again bringing copper back into the spotlight and its popularity increasing. As the world changes, more people are turning back time and find themselves drawn to copper jewelry for its ancient metaphysical properties.
So, IMO, if copper was good enough for Cleopatra, then it's good enough for me - you feel me? Let's explore more on why copper is so fab:
  • We legit have copper within our bodies, it's essential to our makeup. So, you know, it's just kind of cool from that aspect that we're connected.
  • It's durable. Seriously, copper lasts, a very, very long time. It doesn't rust. It doesn't deteriorate.
  • It's a wonderful conductor of energy. On a physical and metaphysical level.
  • Copper is easy to melt down and recycle, YAY! (pls don't melt my works of art though i'll be so sad lol)
  • On a metaphysical level, copper is said to amplify and align energies of any stones or crystals it's accompanied by.
  •  It is said to balance the physical body as a whole, and many people swear that wearing copper just makes them feel better.
Personally, I feel that wearing the combination of copper & crystals/gemstones together just makes total sense from a metaphysical aspect. Copper is going to connect you with your crystals because it's so high vibing. Copper is also much more affordable, and the pieces I create are unique, making them that much more special. Not only that but it's so gorgeous! From a deep oxidized copper to a rustic reddish bronze, to bright and shiny, there are just so many ways to wear it. That's it for this blog post, I hope you enjoyed going back in time with me! ;)  How do you feel about wearing copper jewelry?

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